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As previously stated in my news, I am working with 2 colleagues on a school Project and using the same project for the Imagine Cup 2009 competition.

To participate and represent Malta in Egypt at this competition we need to win the semi-finals against MCAST groups and after that, we need to win against a University and STC project.

Last Monday the semi-finals were presented and we made it through. Now next Monday it's time to compete against the other two schools.

Who knows, maybe it's time that students from MCAST represent Malta at the Imagine Cup ;)
posted on 08/05/2009
What's happening?
I'm currently studying the last semester of my last scholastic year doing Higher National Diploma at MCAST

This last semester requires each student to create a big project while following criteria from the BTEC. Meanwhile there's an ongoing competition called the Image Cup 2009 organized by Microsoft where you have to create something (according to the competition you submit for) innovative.

Using the same project for both the competition and the project, I teamed up with 2 of my friends to create this project. Mark Philip Camilleri, Gabriel Spiteri and I formed the PreeoStudios team.

Hence for now, I will be busy working on this project until end of April. Wish us luck :)
posted on 08/02/2009
Website launch (v3.0)
Re-furbished again!

Here's my new website. Totally different from the previous ones and now with a dynamic view.

In the Articles section one will find some articles on different languages of how to tackle common problems which even I was victim of.

Hope you enjoy your stay on my site and if you want to contact me, please, do not hesitate.
posted on 29/01/2009