My Skills

It all started when I was 14years old. For an exam I needed to study a programming language and create a small working program.

After that I advanced on Pascal for two more years. It was school stuff so I had to do it. Even though it was boring (knowing that there were nicer ways to program), it was really a good introduction to the Programming sector.

For one year I did VB.NET which honestly I don't remember much of. I only had a small introduction on it so it wasn't enough to remember it.

From VB.NET, I shifted to C#. Along with C#, I started also Java. I basically used these languages to create Windows Applications.

From Windows Applications to Web Applications where I was introduced to the lovely ASP.NET 2.0 language and this is where my programming career was defined.

I went over just ASP.NET 2.0 and started mastering XHTML, CSS and Javascript.

Knowing just one language in the sector that I might be working in for my entire life wasn't enough; hence I started PHP too.

I created a lot of PHP websites and I'm loving it! To be honest, it's my preferred language, even more than ASP.NET. I also studied AJAX amalgamated with PHP.

While working on Web Applications you can't not work on Databases. The following are the databases I worked on (expert to average respectively): MySQL, MSSQL, Microsoft Access and also Oracle

And by the way, the program I created (when I was 14years old for my exam) was Hangman with Pascal. You never know, it might be your career too ;)